Uru: Ages Beyond Myst

Platform: PC

Reviewer: Steve

Date: 04 September 2016

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Should I give this game a lower score? I'm torn. While the mythology is kind of fun, and I like the creativity with regard to the world-building, the puzzles are way too obtuse and glitches abound. Many of the puzzles in this game do not follow any sort of real logic. In addition, some really poor decisions went into their design. For instance, in one 'age', you literally have to stand in one spot for 15 real time minutes until something is triggered. It's asinine. I clipped into the floor many times, particularly when trying to get out of the water. Oh...the water. There's one puzzle in which you have to swim against the current in order to reach an island. You have to be very specific when selecting your entry point and angle, otherwise you end up floating away from the target and have to spend about five minutes (not exaggerating) to make another attempt.

It's a game that perhaps never should have been made and certainly is a love letter to fans of Myst rather than a sensible title in its own right. I like the extension of the Myst mythology and perhaps spent far longer on this game than I should have as a result. However, sometimes it's time to hang up your hat and play something else in the backlog.